We like to think of our curriculum in two ways. One is a systematic program that begins with the foundations of taekwondo and progresses incrementally with instruction and practice of technical skill and physical fitness. We also hold examinations for prepared students as part of the curriculum.

The other is what we like to call "casual" and "suits". Just as our wardrobes can be bifurcated into clothes for formal and informal occasions, in a similar way, we teach a "casual" taekwondo that is more relaxed, free-flowing, and spontaneous.

Then, we have "suits", which involve crisp, clean, and choreographed movements. The technical term is poomsae, but we like to call them suits.

Throughout class, we will also occasionally expose our students to Eastern philosophy as it pertains to taekwondo.

We focus heavily on the fundamentals because without them, all subsequent skills and techniques cannot be mastered. This means that in the beginning, we will teach you less material than other studios and gyms. This will allow ample time for beginner and intermediate students to focus on the basics and for their bodies to become physically acclimated and capable of performing the various skills that are required to master the art of taekwondo.