We look to Nature for our inspiration, and we strive to manifest its essence and spirit through taekwondo and in our daily lives.

As we consider Nature’s various forms, from the towering mountain peak and the blazing lightning bolt to the soft rain drops and the warm summer breeze, we perceive the natural elements to have simplicity, practicality, speed, harmony, and beauty.

As a result, we aim to express and manifest the essence of Nature through taekwondo. On one level, this means that many of the punches, blocks, and forms that we teach resemble elements from Nature, such as water, mountain, and thunder. On a more meaningful level, we hope to instill in our students the values that we can glean from Nature:

We do not believe that taekwondo is confined to the walls of our studio – it is a way of life that we hope our students will apply in their daily lives. As life can be hectic, complicated, and stressful, we hope that our responses to these realities will be that of finding balance, channeling our mental willpower to overcome challenges and obstacles, and pursuing choices that are respectful to ourselves and others.

In essence, we believe that taekwondo is a manifestation of Nature, daily life in modern society, and the virtues that encompass a meaningful life.